A Horrible Castle Night

by Claimh Solais

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Our band's first EP. We started our journey with a three song tribute to one of the greatest video game franchises ever, as well as some other little tid-bits for people to enjoy. We do hope you the enjoy this release, as well as many more to come.



released January 13, 2016

Guitars by Eddie Rodriguez
Vocals by Richard Shasteen

Produced by E. Rodriguez and R. Shasteen
Recorded at Burnit Recording Studios (Pensacola, FL)
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Tate at Burnit Records
Bass, Keys, Drums programmed on Finale 2009 by R. Shasteen
Cover artwork by Ion Silental, Single art by Ysidro Rodriguez
Logo by Sharkshock, amended by Ion Silental

Special Thanks

Eddie - Liuda, dragoste mea, nimic dintre toate acestea nu s-ar fi inimplat daca tu nu ai fi aparut in viata mea. Te iubesc la nesfirsit. Tony Martinez, if strings on wood ever felt like butter, then you were the chef! Dr. Stallings, yes 42 bpm is the answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Richard - My dear mother Elizabeth, my brother Stephen (we'd not be anywhere without your technical wizardry), my sister Edie Jackson, and Sarah Tran.... I give every credit of energy and my sincerest gratitude to you all.

Band - Nelson Gatlin, Sandra Slattery, Jojo Diego, Mr Snowden and Dr Coleman!



all rights reserved


Claimh Solais Pensacola, Florida

We are Progressive Power Metal.

Inspired by a healthy dose of Nerd Culture, wrapped in a light sheet of minor melodic riff-laden Dark Metal.

We are Claimh Solais.

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Track Name: Den of Vampires
Brother and I descend into the cave, I feel a calm
Now we depend upon the light to lead us on
Flicker of light surprises me, torches dim: It's time to feed
Legends are true, they all are true. How could it be?

Will we ever see the light again?
Will we ever see the sun?
Eyes of malice glowing in the den
Like a moth to flame: Am I done?

I, I am trapped, trapped in a den,
A den of vampires.
I hear the bones of my brother being eaten
Is there no way out? Oh lord let me out....

Now I run from the beast
Unholy monsters at me
How did the candles lead me here?

Cathedral notes alarming
Chants and tomes may charm me
And quell this strangulating fear

I find a group unlike before
An imposing damphyr, I'm sure,
A witch and pirate halt and wait

For a holy warrior
To come crashing through the castle door
And seal the evil king's fate

Will we ever see the light again
and wait to see the brand new day?
Are we sure this man will come to save us
or will the castle of stone be my grave?!

I, for I am trapped, trapped in a den,
A den of vampires
Horrible cursed night
Bind this monstrous blight
Blind with holy force bright
Crack the whip!

Belmont, save us all!
Light the dark, heed the call!

Hear the call...
Track Name: Battle of the Cross
Fire in the streets
A plague across the land
They terrorize by a master's hand

The dead walk,
monsters from the ground
Slay the weak
Hate unbound

Does the reaper aid here?
In agony
We hide in fear

Call on the whip
And the family
Centuries old
Holy dynasty

Call the dynasty

A symphony of evil cries
Forcing my cursed bloodline
We will fight till the day we die

A fearless task, undertaken
A holy order mistaken
A battle of the cross will
Slay this lord of death.

A symphony of evil cries
Forcing my cursed bloodline
We will fight till the day we die

A symphony of evil cries
Forcing my cursed bloodline
Eternally locked to fight for all of time
Fighting 'til the day
Track Name: Castle in the Moon
Tall stone walls, what am I doing here?
Gothic halls, I am filled with fear
The dead arise, I can eat their souls
What is inside of me? I don't wanna know...

These catacombs, so familiar...
Evil threatens those I hold most dear
Exploration makes my power grow
What is inside of me? I don't wanna know...

A monster in disguise
Sorceress of magic hides
a warrior of a dynasty...

Oh I cry for the pain of the soul inside
I feel like dying
Mina, don't fear these changes, away I wipe
These bloody tears I cry

Soar leviathan
Bat and succubi
Death encroaches me
Hellfire in my eyes

((You hear me don't you?
Don't drown me out...
I am you Soma: I will be reborn!))

A rouse designed to draw
My wicked power out
I know it's coming soon....

Oh I cry for the pain of the soul inside
I feel like dying
Mina, don't fear my changes, away I wipe
These bloody tears I cry

I feel the evil rise
Of my past, I want no part of the Devil I reflect

Oh I'd die for the sake of the ones I love
I will overcome this Horrible Castle Night
With the Claimh Solais
Fight the Abyss with all of my might
I will slay the Menace
Mina don't fret, I finally understand
I'm not a demon but a man

Angels, hear me now
Let my emancipation ring...
I don't wanna know my fate!
Track Name: Aliens (Warlord cover)
Through Pioneer 10 and Voyager 1
We've launched our knowledge to other suns
Aspiring and reaching for the highest of feats
We've lost our search for the world's basic needs

The Aliens, inside our machines
The Aliens, inside our dreams
The Aliens, The Aliens are here!

Through fiction and lies we gaze at the skies
For flying saucers and men with three eyes
Creating those monsters we seek to destroy
Like children at play smashing their toys.

The Aliens, controlling our spheres
The Aliens, so far yet so near
The Aliens, The Aliens are here!

All myths of men and gods will apply
when sanity and reason begin to die
the dragons at night we wish to slay
will rise to conquer us all someday

The Aliens, the message is clear
The Aliens, the aliens are HERE
Track Name: A Song for Jiro (demo)
In my dreams, I am alone
With my thoughts, though not my own
Though I am not a man, I am alive
Without a heart, without a home

Gemini: conscious unclear
This road I walk with danger near
Manufacture my heart, rip this sorrow through my chest
To save my family, I'll do my best

My force is great, I'm not a puppet
My will is strong, you cannot stop it
I have a soul
I am Jiro